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Civil Rights, Education, and Community Groups Demand End to High-Stakes Testing and Call for Moratorium on Charter Schools

Originally posted on Seattle Education:
This letter was issued on July 7, 2015. “We respectfully disagree that the proliferation of high stakes assessments and top-down interventions are needed in order to improve our schools.  We live in the communities where these schools exist.  What, from our vantage point, happens because of these tests is not improvement.  It’s destruction.”…


Critical Questions about Computerized Assessments and SmarterBalanced Test Scores

A recent report from the Public Policy Institute reveals that the majority of California’s public school parents are uninformed about the new tests their children took this past year. And despite numerous concerns regarding the lack of validity, technological barriers, biases, and test administration problems, “test scores” soon will be released to the public. The following includes adapted selections of a…



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