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Open Letter to the CA State Board of Education on Release of [False] SBAC Scores

Dear Members of the California State Board of Education, Last Spring, 3.2 million students in California (grades 3-8 and 11) took the new, computerized Math and English Language Arts/Literacy CAASPP tests (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress). The tests were developed by the SmarterBalanced Assessment Consortium, and administered and scored by ETS (Educational Testing Service). Costs are estimated at $360…

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Resources to #RethinkDiscipline and Strengthen School Climate

Please find below new updates, research, and resources for strengthening school climate, eliminating discipline disparities, and supporting social and emotional learning in schools. The full collections are available at and The following posts may also be accessed by clicking the corresponding image. Picture above is from the Restorative Schools Vision Project. “In this new documentary from Coleman Advocates (, director…

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Washington State Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools Unconstitutional

Originally posted on Seattle Education.   On Friday, September 4th, the Supreme Court of Washington State ruled that charter schools were neither public nor constitutional and could receive no public funding.   From Seattle Times: State Supreme Court: Charter Schools are Unconstitutional  For more:  To read full court decision, click here.